Online Workplace Counselling

Benefits of Workplace Counselling

It is estimated that work-related stress, depression or anxiety affected 415 000 individuals who had worked in the last 12 months in 2008/09, with a corresponding estimated 11.4 million lost working days due to these work-related conditions. This represents an estimated average of 27.5 working days lost per affected case and makes stress, depression or anxiety the largest contributor to the overall estimated annual days lost from work-related ill-health in 2008/09.

Health and Safety Executive, Stress-related and psychological disorders.

Many studies have shown that where employers put in place effective support mechanisms for their employees, it has a dramatic impact on staff well-being, reducing ill-health and absenteeism, and improving productivity, job satisfaction and workplace relationships. For more see Stress Reduction in the Workplace.

Online Counselling is a cost-effective and accessible means of providing round-the-clock support for employees.

An effective support programme offers employers a range of benefits, including:

  • improved customer care and relationships with clients and suppliers, with a direct economic benefit for employers;
  • reduced costs associated with illness and absenteeism, not only through workdays lost, but also the costs of sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and new recruitment;
  • lower staff turnover, as people are happier in their work and less likely to look for a new job;
  • people feel more motivated and committed to their work, and produce a higher quality of work;
  • people work harder and perform better – increasing their earning power;
  • people feel that they are part of a team and the decision-making process, so accept change more readily;
  • workplace relationships – with managers and within teams – are much improved;
  • compliance with their legal duties and reduced risk of litigation.
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